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Making the Common Cold—Uncommon

I Am Healthy

It seems that many people practically expect to come down with one or more colds or even the flu each year. The good news is getting these common afflictions doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence. Becoming more mindful of the countless preventative steps you can take will be a game changer.

Here’s how to avoid becoming a hospitable host for the cold/flu bug that are always around us:

Improving your nutrition.

Your body makes 3.8 million new cells each second. So, make sure your body has the raw materials it needs to produce healthy new cells. Avoid processed foods and convenience foods that are mostly devoid of any nutritional value and are often loaded with sugar, salt and unhealthy fats. Fresh is best (meats, veggies, fruits) and frozen is also good. Organic or pesticide free produce whenever possible.

Get enough restful sleep.

Research studies have shown how important sleep quality and quantity are to our overall health and well-being. The majority of us will benefit from seven or more hours. Without enough rest people turn to stimulates (tobacco, caffeine, sweets or energy drinks) to fool ourselves into thinking we have plenty of energy. Good sleep habits are the key. Try a cool room 60 to 66 degrees, total darkness and a regular bed time.

Exercise regularly.

Unlike our circulatory system that relies on the heart, your lymphatic system depends upon exercise and movement to circulate these germ-fighting fluids. Many of us sit most of the day, take the escalator and look for the closest parking spot. Instead, look for ways to keep active and add more stairs and steps to your day. A 5 to 15 minute morning stretching is a good addition to you day. Find favorite activities (dancing, hiking, biking, etc.) to do once, twice or more per week.

Attitude counts.

Studies have shown that our thoughts can dramatically affect our health by effecting our brain chemistry. Ignore media attempts to inject the autosuggestion that “it’s cold and flu season.” You can choose not to participate. Instead, know that you are a self-healing, self-regulation, self-organizing human being that has tremendous capabilities to express abundant health. 

Reduce stress.

Do you worry or  get annoyed easily? Are you prone to anxiety and fear? These thing happen when our nervous system’s threshold to handle stress is crossed. You can try spending time being still in nature, in quiet meditation or silent prayer. Practicing mindfulness in each activity is a great tool. Many find relief by conducting a media fast, eschewing all forms of media for an extended period of time.

Stay hydrated.

We’re mostly water (over 70%). Our body relies on this fluid to conduct millions of functions, especially that of our immune system. If you wait until your body alerts you that you’re feeling thirsty, you’ve probably waited too long. Drink enough water so your urine is a light straw color rather than dark and concentrated. A good rule is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water, example 150 lbs. person would drink 75 ounces.

Our immune system (controlled and coordinated by our nervous system) successfully fends off germs and other pathogens 24/7/365. All without a conscious thought from us. We’re not notified when your immune system successfully neutralizes them. We only notice on those rare occasions when it doesn’t. Remember, it’s easier to stay well than to get well.

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