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"POOF" and it was Gone!

POOF (220 x 220 px)A person’s most valuable asset is often taken for granted up until it “poof” disappears. Yes, you guessed it, we are talking about health. Too often health only becomes the priority once we can no longer do what we want, need or love to do. This is the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy and it is not recommended as a health and wellness model.

We highly recommend a philosophy that takes into account that human beings are ever-changing organisms with an innate intelligence that imparts the self-healing, self-regulating and self-organizing qualities of the human body.

This philosophy…

  • Understands that we live our life through our nervous system by its sensing, analyzing and responding to the interaction we have with the external world as well our internal world.
  • Recognizes that health manifests from the inside out and is mediated by the nervous system.
  • Acknowledges that pain isn’t good or bad but merely a sign that a limit has been reached or a change needs to be made.
  • Accepts that vertebral subluxation is the body’s gorgeous and creative strategy to adapt to, or accommodate, physical, chemical or mental/emotional stress that we experience daily.
  • Seeks to reduce interference to the body’s ability to self-heal, self-regulate and self-organize.
  • Uses the spinal adjustment as a way to retrain the body, guiding it to a more resourceful healthier state.
  • Trusts the wisdom of the body.

This philosophy, as well as the 126 years of science behind it and the art of practicing it, is better known as Chiropractic. When we prioritize our health and use Chiropractic care to optimize the function of our nervous system we continually achieve higher levels of coherence in our body, mind and soul.

Does a more resourceful healthier happier life sound like something you want to achieve?

If so just contact us at 914-762-8800, we will be ready to help.

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